It’s no surprise that many people considering opening a business of their own turn to franchising as there are a number of advantages to joining this industry. The main benefit of becoming a franchisee is that the business has an established product. In franchising, someone has already done the work of developing and establishing a viable business system. Rookie mistakes have already been ironed out. Another large benefit of franchising is the brand. The branding of a franchise serve as an advantage before and after you invest. Familiarity can help you develop a customer base because of potential patrons through a pre-existing knowledge of what to expect from that brand.

Fettuccine Alfredo Restaurant

Becoming part of the world Fettuccine Alfredo guarantees franchisees the support of a dedicated team, daily engaged in the constant development of the products’ quality offered, the cooking methods, the premises setting, promotion and every business aspect.

Distinctive Elements

The new format brings the distinctive elements of Alfredo La Scrofa to a new level. An ensemble of single sections designed to fit every layout. Each section has been created with a specific focus, from the “HALL OF FAME” – where you will find the original pictures from the Restaurant – to the “WINE RACK” that can be used not only to seat our wine selection but also all the products for sale.

From the roman travertine effect to the floor that resemble the basalt of the antique roman roads are the framing for an environment that is sensible to the light and noise control.

Recipe Engineering

We have invested effort and know-how to achive the highest quality standard for our products.

The core recipes, as well as the Original Fettucine Alfredo sauce, will be delivered right from the Laboratory of the Headquarter, ensuring the origins of the raw materials and the correct balance of taste and quantity.

Fettuccine Alfredo Experience

A dish served in an oval plate was the italian art of the ’60. more than 50 years has gone by but for us is still a matter of art. The image of the «mantecatore» shifts from the waiter to the plate. But not a common one. With our partners we have created a particular bowl – an exclusice product for our brand – dedicated to bring at the table the Fettuccine Alfredo.

We have melt the «italian art of cooking» with the «italian art and design», in a unique serving method, always served with the golden spoon and fork.

Fettuccine Alfredo franchise advantages for franchisee

  • A Brand renowned world wide
  • Access to training programs for franchisees before they open their business
  • Ongoing training opportunities so franchisees can benefit from new developments in the franchise’s industry
  • Clarity regarding the initial investments


After opening, you must work just as hard as if the business were your own to reach your personal business owner potential. Though there are some elements that differ, the key to success with franchising is the same as with an independent operation—hard work. Success is not guaranteed simply because you are using a business that worked for someone else.


Newborn project of Universo Alfredo, is the “easy” declination of the main project.
A Pasta Bar that combines all the benefits of standardization and brand awarness
in a less complex format and with a younger and increasingly globalised target.

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