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Having consolidated its image as a high-quality global brand, a running and successful business for three generation and owner of the original recipe, Fettuccine Alfredo is now looking ahead to its strategy to expand onto non domestic and overseas’ markets.

The international expansion strategy of Fettuccine Alfredo incorporates the figures of the Master Franchisee or Area Developer as the keys to the proper growth of its business on overseas’ markets.
In terms of International Expansion, the investments are studied in line with each market and with the most appropriate formula, whether it is an Area Developer or Master franchise.

The Master Franchisee and the Area Developer are interesting business types whereby the Franchise Head Office grants to the franchisee the right to run the franchise in a vast territory, possibly even nationwide.

In this way the investor will itself act as the Franchise Head Office in said territory, exploiting and ensuring the growth of the brand to its own benefit and thereby achieving a higher and better return on its investments.

The business project we are putting forward to you here at Fettuccine Alfredo will help you set your network in motion in whichever country you wish based on an already proven business and according to a “customer experience and original product centered” franchise model.

The Master franchisee will benefit from the goodwill generated by our brand, widely recognized in different market, as well as from the support and daily work that the different departments of Fettuccine Alfredo will carry out for it with a view to achieving the desired economic results in as short a timeframe as possible.


Business plan for proposed franchisee

One key decision criteria in Fettucine Alfredo’s franchise application approval is a review of the preliminary business plan.
We are looking for your thoughts to get a sense of your operating philosophy and capital investment plans.

Company overview

Legal name, form of company, address, phone number, and e-mail of corporate headquarters

Management Team / Business Partner

Detailed background and job description for each business partner, investor, and management team member, along with additional staffing projected over the first five years

Market analysis and development plan

Brief summary of your proposed marketplace (general overview – growth of industry and commerce, etc.,)

Risks – briefly discuss the business risks that your company will have to deal with as it begins to expand in the proposed marketplace, along with the real estate and construction issues.

Describe your five-year development schedule, identify potential sites for the initial one-year period and the economic and political overviews of your market


Briefly summarize the promotional tactics that you plan to use in the proposed markets to introduce Fettuccine Alfredo in the proposed markets

Training requirements

Identify operating principal and multiunit Manager (if applicable) who will attend the Franchise Training Program

Identify and/or select other individuals who will need to attend the Franchise Training Program

Financial plan

Outline projected capital requirements for the first year along with anticipated additional investments required for the following four years and plans for funding new development.

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