Universo Alfredo

Since 1943 the Mozzetti family and the Salvatori family have carried on the tradition of Fettuccine Alfredo. The restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa, cradle of the original recipe, has become over time a forge. Here we shaped our skills, made our mistakes and improved our business model.

Thus, was born Universo Alfredo, holding company directed by the heirs, Mario Mozzetti and Veronica Salvatori.
Complemented by a team of professionals, and drawing upon the day by day experience, the company is in the front row in the choice of partners and suppliers.
The best raw materials, practices standardization and an innovative service design are our daily task.

Culture and values

We are a group of sincere and concrete people, very different from each other, but with the common passion for food. We come from all different stories but share the same goal: to create a better daily life for the majority of people through food. Achieving this goal depends on our shared human values, which guide us in our work and are the basis of an inclusive, open and honest culture. Everything is about collaboration, enthusiasm and love. We work hard, but also having fun. We are always looking for people who share these values and our optimism.

The core values

The contribution of each of us is precious: that is why it is so
important that in our work we all share the same values.

Team spirit

The team spirit is at the basis of Fettuccine Alfredo’s culture. We are stronger when there is mutual trust, when we move in the same direction and have fun working together.

Attention to the people and the planet

We want to be a force that produces positive change. We do not pretend to change the world, but we want to have a significant and lasting impact, one person at a time.


The way of being simple, direct and concrete that characterizes us is part of the cultural and culinary heritage, which originate in Rome. Simplicity for us means being faithful to one’s personality, without moving away from reality. We are practical people who use common sense to solve problems.

Taking and giving responsibilities

We believe in empowering people and the energy of those who want to grow. It takes courage and leadership to delegate responsibilities and tasks to those who want to grow and give a greater contribution.

Give the good example

We give our best when we can be ourselves because for us no method works better than the good example.

Our Strenghts

Simplicity is a virtue

For so many people to coexist and get on well together, in today society as in a company, there must be rules. Of course, planning is necessary to define the general lines of work and to run a business. We always plan with simplicity and common sense. Here simplification is a beautiful tradition. A simple procedure means more power to act. 

The simplicity of our attitudes gives us strength. We are simple and modest in relationships between us, with our suppliers and with our customers. It’s not just for savings that we avoid luxury hotels. We do not need expensive cars, high-sounding titles or other status symbols. We rely on our strength and our will.

Concentration of energies: the base of our success

We can’t do everything and be everywhere at the same time. Our recipes and menus cannot extend too far. We can’t please all tastes. We need to focus on what we do really well. We need to focus our energies. We cannot impose ourselves on all markets at the same time. 

We must concentrate on achieving maximum effect, and while we focus on important areas, we must sometimes reduce resources in others. When we enter a new market, we focus our energies on marketing. Concentration of energies means that, in the important phases, we are forced to neglect other factors. That is why we demand a high degree of honesty and loyalty from all our partners and collaborators in everyday work.


Gain gives us resources

In order to achieve our goals, we must have resources, including economic resources. We believe that the results come from hard and diligent work. Earning is a wonderful word! Let’s defuse it! Society often uses and abuses this word. But it is profit that provides us with resources. So let us get on with it and get our own economic resources.

The best is yet to come. Wonderful future!

The feeling of having already done everything is a very effective sleeping pill. A company that believes to have reached it’s goal, in a short time stagnates and loses its momentum. Happiness is not in the achieved goal, but in the path to achieving it. The wonderful side of our destiny is that we are only at the beginning.

Only by constantly asking ourselves how what we are doing today can be improved tomorrow, we can make progress. We grow together to become a group of incurable enthusiasts, who stubbornly reject the impossible and the negative. What we want we can and will do. Wonderful future!

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